What we do

Identify and provide the latest technologies

We seek out companies bringing new technologies to endovascular surgery and help them to get their products into the hands of leading physicians. Through reliable distribution and unmatched service, we bridge the gap between unmet market needs and the products that provide solutions.

Provide a sales channel backed by strong relationships

For our local partners we will sell their product directly to our end customers in the endovascular space: surgeons, cardiologists and interventional radiologists. We can serve as agents for a manufacturer as either the direct representative of a company in the hospital or work through a qualified distributor.

Serve customers with unmet needs

Above all we are on the road everyday to provide excellent service which includes product training, case support and clinical evidence. We are not just selling our partners’ products, we provide an extremely high level of expertise and background. With over 20 years combined experience in endovascular therapies, we strive to add value to both clinicians and manufacturers.